Living And Coping with Cervical Cancer | Dr. Garima Tyagi

Getting some cramps in the stomach, abnormal bleeding in the vagina between periods, pain during sex, pain in the pelvis region, vaginal discharge that is not at all normal and more can be the symptoms of cervical cancer. A woman has these symptoms may be suffering from cervical cancer opines Dr. Garima Tyagi.

Cervical Cancer

Once it is confirmed that you have cervical cancer you go in for treatment according to the stage at which cancer has reached.  It can be surgery and removal of the fallopian tubes, ovaries and/ or pelvic lymph nodes. Apart from this, you may have to go through chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Just finding out that you have cancer will make your world upside down. There may be so many changes in your life. You will be in and out of hospital going through the treatment. Those who cannot afford the treatment may have to borrow money. Or they may have to sell some assets.

The stress level will increase when you know that you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. You cannot even talk openly with anyone about it as it is taboo in the Indian society to talk anything that is related to the sex organs.

Also, there is less awareness about the disease. If a lot of awareness is created the disease would not have progressed to the level it has now. When you observe certain symptoms you can go in for a Pap smear test and know if you have contacted the disease. It spreads via the human papilla virus.

Just assuming that no one in the family has had cancer you may not be a victim to it is foolhardy. So after you are about 40 you should go in for a simple Pap smear test. If it is negative you should be really happy about it. In case you test positive take action immediately and go for the best treatment available at a good hospital like Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad.

In the last stage, the patient gets mentally, physically and emotionally drained. So she needs a lot of support from the family members as well as friends. If you cannot give any advice as you may not know anything on the topic you can at least give some motivation that will help boost their morale and help the patient to bear the pain. It is difficult to cope with a deadly disease only the support of the near and dear ones can help them live with it and bear the pain.

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